Link ODTS, as social and business network related to the Dominican tourism, is subjected to the development of the concept of virtual community based on the affinity and interaction of people and businesses closely related to the industry, understood as such: consumers, travelers or tourists, and suppliers of our tourist offer, which can benefit from the broad relationship, as well as institutions and anyone interested in contributing to the development of the Dominican tourism.

This service is currently in testing phase or βeta, as well as the portal of the Dominican Organization of Sustainable Tourism, ODTS,

¡ A T T E N T I O N ! If you decide to make use of the operational service/s “Link ODTS”, please, before entering, accessing, using, visiting and / or navigating in this, read the Declaration, conditions and/or terms, rules and/or regulations, and polices for use, membership, and participation in this Website, its service/s and content/s “, called Legal Notice.

Once you register and validate your code above, you are accepting and agreeing to be legally bound by the terms of the Legal Notice in all parts and without reservations.

Basic Rules of Participation

The basic language of the service is Spanish, but English can be used if the user does not have mastery of Spanish. Other languages are not acceptable by now.

1. Style Rules

a. Do not use capital letters for the title or use them in excess in the content. In the Internet, that is equivalent to shouting and is very unpleasant.

b. Try to write in the most accurate way possible. Language is what binds us, and if we want to be understood and not misunderstood, we must use it accurately.

2. What comments we should not write?

a. Comments that are not about a particular topic, or do not contribute to the same purpose.

b. This service is not a free advertising space; you should avoid posting advertising links about propaganda, commercial or payment by click, unless that is the specific subject treated.

c. It is not intended for private messages. If something only concerns two persons, it should not be delivered to others. This is resolved with a private message within the service or through an e-mail message to another participant.

d. Do not use the service to “discuss a discussion”; for example, make comments about what is the appropriate place to publish a discussion adds nothing, but interfere with the group environment.

3. How do I write?

a. Keep a pleasant space; use a courteous, respectful language, appropriate to the circumstances and participants, understanding that everyone is free to express as desired, but respect for  participants is crucial. The chatting language, the indiscriminate usage of the letter “k”, or putting messages in capitals, hinders the pace of reading involved.

b. Do not insult or make personal attacks on others; criticism should be positive and constructive, and must be accepted accordingly. Intellectual passion should be expressed through ideas, not insults. Do not accept provocations responding in the same tone.

c. Summarize ideas respecting the time of others;   short texts are read faster. The accuracy of writing will help all participants not to waste time reading unnecessary things.

d. Do not be hostile to new participants or newcomers; they have the right to make mistakes and your duty is to help them instead of frightening them.

4. Publications that will be removed (except the topic of discussion).

a. Racism: racism or prejudice manifestations that promote hatred toward nations, racial or religious groups of any kind.

b. Pedophilia: promotion and dissemination of material related to sex with underage people.

c. Pornography: the promotion and dissemination of obscene sex materials.

d. Piracy: Applications or distribution of materials that promote plagiarism, piracy , spreading of serial numbers, crack or alike, or unauthorized copies of material protected by copyright, or any other right or title of property.

5. Rights and duties of the administration

Fundamental Duties

a. Clearly inform about the policies about usage of the site or about any changes that occur in it.

b. Respect the views of the participants, especially when they are different.

c. Keep the messages of the participants, unless they violate this code. And if instead of deleting, for some reason  a message is edited, clearly mark it as “Edited” and explain why.


d. Indicate what treatment is given to the e-mail address of users who are registered and not use it for other purposes than those reported.

e. Neither access individual records associated with a particular person, nor records of items removed by prolonged periods or longer than the maximum time established.

f. Care for the User´s Code and his/her password and keep it safe from hackers.

Welcome to Link ODTS !

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