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How to create your own space or Blog

To create or get your own space or blog in Link ODTS is very simple and easy. Just must meet the personal or institutional requirements, and read and follow the procedure and instructions listed here.


1. Be a member of the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS.

2. Have read and fully understood the Legal Notice published in this portal. You, as USER / MEMBER of this portal and of the Community Link ODTS, and then requesting the creation or obtaining a space or blog for private use, are fully accepting the Declaration, Conditions and/or Terms, rules and/or Regulations, and Policy for the Use, Membership and Participation in this portal and its service/s and content/s, called Legal Notice.

3. The creation of the space or Blog should be used to provide an independent and pluralistic space, facilitating the free and spontaneous integration of users of this service and / or particular blog, to encourage and ensure a culture of responsible citizens and permanent participation in Dominicana, subject and framed to the objectives listed on page @Link ODTS.

4. Applicants of the space or Blog, must be adult individuals who possess a Dominican Identity and Electoral Card, as well as authorized representatives of moral / legal persons, duly organized, which possess a number of Dominican National Registry of Taxpayer Card, established in the country.

5. The space or blog responsible should keep similar interests to the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS, and to “Dominicana, A Project of Country toward the Sustainable Development. The themes developed and published in the same, should contribute to the sustainability of the development of tourism in Dominicana, the Dominicanity and its promotion.


1. Register as User / Member of the Portal and of the community Link ODTS, at the link on the home page.

2. Download form to request space or blog in Link ODTS for Personal or Institutional use.

3. Complete the form; attach a copy of both sides of the Dominican Identity and Electoral Card and a Resume, if it were a personal request, or attach a copy of the Dominican National Registry of Taxpayer Card, copy of both sides of the Dominican Identity and Electoral Card and a Resume and document containing the credentials of the organization if it were a moral/legal person, and sent to the e-mail address: odt (at) (.) do

4. Within a short period of time, you will receive the answer to your request.

Note: All base organization, such as neighborhood associations, agencies or cooperating agencies, among others, which may not comply with the requirements above, should communicate its interest in obtaining a space or blog to handle such cases in particular way.

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